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Blue Ridge Parkway

Blue ridge parkway nice tourism spot for your shopping pleasure "American Favorite Drive" at your fingertips. 469 miles of scenic spots, historical sites, trails, overlooks, interpretive exhibits, visitor centers, lodging, services, and information important to visit the Blue Ridge Parkway area. Brought to you by the Blue Ridge Parkway Association in collaboration with the Blue Ridge Parkway, National Park Service. BRPA has been serving visitors since 1949 as an official partner organization of the Blue Ridge Parkway is dedicated to providing the tourism and hospitality information to tourists Parkway. Access detailed information for the four major regions Ridge Parkway, Plateau, Highlands and Pisgah as well as information to connect the region including the Great Smoky Mountains National Park (located near the southern end of the Parkway) and the Shenandoah National Park region (near the north end of the Parkway this). Browse by region, activity, or proximity to your location. Download the application to your mobile phone to access the content with or without a cell signal during your trip to visit the area of the blue ridge parkway, or use it to plan your vacation before you leave home. Heading north on the Parkway you will see Mt. Pisgah and other large restaurant with a beautiful view right from your desk. Parkway will take you back to Asheville but instead take out the North Carolina Arboretum. Blue Ridge Parkway, 469-mile between Shenandoah and Great Smoky Mountains National Parks. Forest scenery and the beautiful lake will spoil your eyes. If you come in the spring or early summer, wild flowers will bloom beautifully. Shop at outlet malls Blue Ridge for great bargains. As elsewhere in the world Blue Ridge Mountains outlet stores or factory outlets sell high quality goods with famous brands at discounted prices. The goods usually contain little manufacturing defects and the remainder of last season or the previous year. As a result, they are always a discount of 20% - 40% below department store prices.

Acropolis Of Athens

The beauty of acropolis of athens you should visit this place sometimes Acropolis of athens is a rocky plateau as high as 156 m, and there are some ruins of an ancient building that was once the temple that was the historical center of Athens. Was built 1,300 years BC, acropolis of athens is actually a small picturesque town, to destroy the Persian Empire in 480 BC. A year later the Greek army defeated the Persians and rebuilt temples. Between the years 467 to 404 BC, the building was completed. In 1834 Athens became the capital of the Greek king Otto establishes Acropolis as a protected archaeological buildings. 1975 Acropolis restored. Acropolis of athensbegan build 1300 BC, a small town neatly arranged. In the year 480 BC the mighty Persian army to subdue Greece and demolish all the buildings. In the year 479, under the leadership of Athens Greece repel Persian ruler and began to restore back the destroyed temples. Plaka Old Town district in the foothills of the acropolis of athens provide places that peddle Greek cuisine. There moussakas a mixture of boiled potatoes, eggplant and minced meat baked in the oven. Or pastitsio which looked like moussakas but the material macaroni and cheese and minced meat.

Pantheon Rome

Pantheon rome ancient building that have long history Pantheon rome is a building Roman Empire era temple which is now converted to the Roman Catholic Church. The church is located at the edge of the Piazza della Rotonda, a bustling plaza located in the historic center of Rome, not far from Piazza Novona. Pantheon rome has a circular shape with a triangular roof and a tall pole at the terrace which gives a distinctive shape. For the best examples of ancient Roman buildings that maintained continuity, the Pantheon rome with a distinctive shape to become a model many other buildings in the world, both old buildings such as the Church and model of a modern building of 20s century. See, today many government buildings, city hall, public libraries, universities, and other buildings that resemble the shape Pantheon, with part of the terrace. In fact, there are several similar buildings are also named after the pantheon rome, one of which is the Pantheon in Paris. Pantheon also known as a temple to worship all the deities in the heyday of Rome, is a must in visiting while in Rome. This place has a number of monuments and statues and carvings were created with the value of high-value art.

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