Things to know about playing volleyball

Things to know about playing volleyball

If you don’t know about volleyball and how it is played, then in this article we will tell you how to play volleyball. Before getting started you must know about certain things that you should completely avoid during a game of volleyball.

Following are the rules that cannot be broken in volleyball.

  • There is a line in the field of the game named as the end line. If you are the server in the game then you must make sure that you do not step or put your foot over the end line.
  • One of the rules of volleyball is to never touch the ball. So make sure that the ball does not touch the net while you are serving or hitting the ball
  • Just like the ball, the net should also not be touched by the player. So do not ever touch the net.
  • During the game of volleyball, you should completely avoid reaching over the net for any reason whatsoever.
  • Just like reaching over the net is not allowed, you must also not reach under the net.

There are also different positions and types of players in the game of volleyball. Those positions are as follows

Outside hitter

Outsider hitter is the player that stands in the front left corner of the volleyball court. This player is usually in the attacking zone. Another name for the outside hitter player is the wing spikier.

Right side hitter

This player is the same as the player mentioned above. The only difference is that they are at the right side of the court.


This is the most important player of the team in the game. They are often called the playmaker.

Middle blocker

This player stand exactly in the middle in front of the net. Just like the name suggests, their responsibility is to block the attacks from the opponent team.


This player stand at the back of the court. They can swap places with any other player in the game. They also wear a different colored shirt than the rest of the players in the team.

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