What is IELTS?

What is IELTS?

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test which is designed to work on your English. If you wish to move to any country where the native language is English, an IELTS test is required. In order to communicate with the people of that country, to get jobs or to study you have to have a great command on English. That’s where you can get the help of IELTS. During this test your ability of reading, writing, listening and speaking in English will be assessed. In this test there is a scale of 9 to check your abilities. The score will depend upon what you need to do in the country as every university, institution or workplace have different requirement of IELTS score. The higher you score in your IELTS the better is your understanding and command on English. You can easily join IELTS courses in Dubai.

But there is also a criterion for taking IELTS. If you are younger than 15 years, then you cannot take IELTS. So the minimum age for taking IELTS is 16 years. Also the person applying to take IELTS should have a valid passport. There are two versions of IELTS. The version you take will depend upon the reason of your travelling or migrating. These two are:

IELTS ACADEMIC: It checks that whether or not your command on English language is suitable for an academic environment. So if you want to study in an environment or want to get admitted in a university where English is the native language IELTS academic is the suitable option for you.

IELTS GENERAL TRAINING: IELTS general training is very suitable for those people who are trying to apply for work experience or other social situations. So if you are trying to move to a country having English as its native language for work than you should take IELTS general training.

How to prepare for IELTS

  • In order to prepare for IELTS, the first thing to do is understand the format of the test. Also make sure the rules and regulation of the test. Start practicing with some sample tests to become familiar with the test.
  • Understand how the scoring works.
  • Get the help from tools like YouTube, online courses, blogs or IELTS podcast to improve.

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